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Jennifer G.

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5.0 star rating


Quantum Total is AMAZING!

Review by Jennifer G. on 23 Aug 2022 review stating

We have used this product for two years now and won't go without it! Our plants are lush, green, and enormous. You can see the plants respond with joy with every application! I love that this product helps build our soil as well!

Scott R.

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5.0 star rating


Good stuff for my lawn

Review by Scott R. on 29 May 2023review stating Good stuff for my lawn

I have been evolving my lawn from clay-based and low organic material due to longtime use of chemical weed and fertilizer lawn care by prior owner. Quantum Total is one of the key things I have used as I transform my lawn into living soil with an ecosystem that benefits my lawn as well. More organic matter, fungi/mycelium, bacteria, bugs, worms, etc make an ecosystem that keeps things in balance and serves the grass better than chemical methods that only feed the grass (vs grass and soil). It’s working. Each year looks and feels better, and does better in heat/drought.